Al Bayyara & Al Hakoora Playgrounds Continue its Activities During April

12 Jun

Al Bayyara & Al Hakoora Playgrounds Continue its Activities During April

Al Bayyara and Al Hakoora playgrounds continue its activities during April which had witnessed a significant flow of children and their families from all the Gaza Strip areas. The activities varied between playing, arts, reading; in addition to, holding the open days, implementing voluntary environmental initiatives, and receiving a regular school’s and KGs’ visits.

Three open days were implemented where the children enjoyed watching the theatre, clowns, and parkour performances. The playgrounds’ teams also participated in events that took place outside Al Hakoora and Al Bayyara playgrounds like: celebrating the World Health Day at Al Nusseirat UNRWA Clinic and Al-Khidr First Festival for Culture and Arts at Al-Khidr Cultural Library.

Furthermore, Al Bayyara and Al Hakoora playgrounds welcomed children from a number of primary and prep schools as well as kindergartens. The children have enjoyed the storytelling, folklore songs, and other recycling activities.

Groups of volunteers who know about the playgrounds from the social media, websites and the social relationships have visited the playgrounds. Such groups are “Turning Trash into Treasure Team” from Amideast and another (25) volunteers from the Faculty of Commerce and Office Management at UNRWA Gaza Training College. The volunteers contributed in using the recycled waste materials in preparing and painting the cars’ tires. They also expressed their happiness towards the activities.

Regarding the coordination and liaison between the playground and the local institutions, Al Bayyara playground welcomed Jom’at Farah Initiative on April 27th under the sponsorship of Palestine Trauma Centre. They conducted face painting activities, clown shows, theatre performances, and competitions.  Moreover, the Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Conflict Resolutions agreed with NAWA to conduct (10) meetings to implement a workshop for making puppets with the children of Wajd Program for children orphaned in 2014 assault on Gaza.

It is worth mentioning that there are multiple activities that will be held in the coming months especially with the coming of the summer vacation activities.