Al-Khidr Library for Children Organizes “Oral History Collection related to Al Khidr Monastery” Project

26 Aug
Al-Khidr Library for Children Organizes “Oral History Collection related to Al Khidr Monastery” Project

Nawa for Culture and Arts Association (NAWA) has organized a ten-day- activity entitled “Oral History Collection related to Al Khidr Monastery.” About (120) children living in Deir Al Balah Area, and aging (14-17) have participated in the project.

The activity aims at raising the awareness amongst children and youths about the historical and archeological sites in the area including Al-Khidr Monastery which was recently restored and operated as a cultural library for the children. In addition, this helps in preserving the legacy of the past from loss. Then, the collection and documentation team will prepare a small booklet that includes all the information that the library team alongside the participating children managed to collect.

The project’s workdays are divided as follows: the first three days are specialized for recording, preservation and interpretation of historical information, based on the personal experiences and opinions of the people who were eye-witnesses of the past evidences. It includes folklore, myths, songs and stories passed down over the years by word of mouth. Then, the library team escorted the children in a community contribution which lasted for (4) days to clean the Saint Hilarion site where other sessions on the precious value of the archeological sites were given. At the end, (3) days were specialized for transforming the collecting materials into dramatic and theatrical shows.

At the beginning, the children were given an inception meeting to familiarize them with the nature of the project, objectives, and mechanism. The children also expressed their happiness about their participation in one of its kind project. Maysa’ Al-Aklouk, the library’s coordinator, and Amany Al-Najjar and Hasan Mizyed, two of the library animators, have warmly welcomed the children explaining for them the course agenda.

Maysa’ Al Aklook, the coordinator of Al Khidr Library for Children, said: “NAWA has initiated the project of “Oral History Collection related to Al Khidr Monastery” in an effort to preserve  the oral history of Deir Al Balah area, and what it includes.”

The children were delighted to participate in a quality project, the first of its kind in addition to learning new techniques in collecting oral history such as: how to interview others.