Cultural Interventions

صورة الاحتفال نحن نحب القراءة


Cultural Interventions: Psychosocial Support for Traumatized Children in Deir Al-Balah

The ongoing psychosocial support program has started after the last Israeli aggression in 2014 to represent the non-formal education targeting the traumatized children in Deir Al-Balah. These interventions are built on:

1) Waldorf Steiner education techniques in using healing arts, healing storytelling and healing physical movements, in a  well-planned and structured daily program to empower the self-healing process within the children and educators, 2) Using the Palestinian heritage and environment as a major source for children activities to support the children identity,

The first cultural intervention has been implemented in the period between (01/09/2014 – 30/09/2015). It was funded from (FWE) Friends of Waldorf Educations and La Voix De L’Enfant to support traumatized children through emergency pedagogy, educational methods and activities. The project components were: Trauma healing program using non-formal education , leadership empowerment and community contribution.

Two Psychosocial Support interventions were supported by Save the Children. Intervention (1) took place in the period of (August, 2015 till 30, October,2015)  and Intervention (2) took place in the period of ( March, 2016  till 3, May,2016) .
The project extended its implementation of  psychosocial support activities that aim to improve the well-being of traumatized children in Deir Al-Balah area through cultural and artistic program. Psychosocial support activities are based on using healing arts, healing storytelling and healing physical movements in a daily well planned program. NAWA received children twice a day who were rotated everyday into arts and environment, reading and storytelling, and physical movement corners. Community self-help program is a major part of psychosocial support program where the children participated once weekly to offer something for their communities. Also, open days were provided to children to do what they wanted to do such as trips, singing,..etc.


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