NAWA Finalizes the activities of ”Children’s Gate to the Future” Project

01 Nov

Nawa for Culture and Arts Association finalized recently its ”Children’s Gate to the Future” Project in partnership with the Bread for the World. The project aimed at empowering the community of Deir Al-Balah and unfolding its creative potential to solve challenges within the community out of its own strength.

The project lasted for (2.5) consecutive years from April, 2016 till October 2018, and  targeted (1475 ) children, (553) educators, and (9465) parents.

The children project activities were anchored on culture and reading activities, arts & handcrafts activities, environmental community contribution program, and recreational activities. The children activities and training came in (8) activities calendars implemented at NAWA Cultural Center. However, a huge ceremony is usually conducted at the end of each calendar to celebrate the finalization of the activities and to present the skills the children equipped during the courses.

The children stated that they enjoy the storytelling activities, and how they were presented to them. For example, Maryam Al, 12, said that she liked the cultural activity entitled “‘Scientist Story”, and she looked for information about some scientists immediately after the activity, and she shared them with her peers.

The children enjoyed “‘Tales World” activity which was implemented in the duration between October 2017 and March 2018. It was the children first time to listen to stories on the body parts. Another child called Marah A., 10, said that she liked the story about the body skin, for she found it interesting to hear about the functions of the skin in a narrative manner. Nagham N,9, said that she liked Drama In Story Activities as she plays the role she wants, and she keeps imagining what will happen next.

The educators activities were primarily to strengthen their capacities to respond to the needs of the traumatized children. Most educators stated that they benefit from NAWA activities, and they apply them in their educational paths.

NAWA has succeeded to extend its partnership with Bread for the World for another (3) years as the project external evaluation findings concludes that the project activities are relevant, effective, efficient, and holds profound impact on people.