Nawa for Culture and Arts Association Finalizes (2017) Ramadan Activities

30 Jul

Nawa for Culture and Arts Association Finalizes (2017) Ramadan Activities

Nawa for Culture and Arts Association (NAWA) finalized the activities of the holy month of Ramadan on Thursday June, 22nd. The Ramadan month’s activities are entitled: “Ramadan Contributions: Itqan” and they come under “Kherna fi Deerna” activities.  They took place at NAWA’s different facilities in Deir Al Balah Area including:  NAWA’s main office, Al-Khidr Library for Children, and Al-Bayyara and Al-Hakoora Playgrounds.

Throughout these activities, children took part in NAWA’s activities as follows: “Sanabel” activities” for children under (6) years, “My Toy Out of My Story”, “Arts Carts” and “Ones & Tens” for children (7-9 years old), “Alphabets from Wools I” and “Numbers from Wools” for children (10-12 years old), and “Weave My Tale” and “Alphabets from Wools” courses.

The activities aimed at empowering the vulnerable children in Deir Al Balah Area through the non-formal education and increasing their access to cultural, recreational, and artistic activities. They also aimed at promoting their values and community-based morals during the holy month of Ramadan through creating educational tools for children and giving them to the children of Al-Hekayat Kindergarten and Al-Khidr Library for Children.

It is worth mentioning that Al Hakoora and Al Bayyara playgrounds had their own courses like: “Numbers & Alphabets”, “Creating Cuneiform Plates,” “Holding Ramdan’s Nights,” and “Narrating Prophets Tales.”

NAWA’s animators received positive feedback from the children as well as their parents. Amal Al-Ras, a field coordinator, stated, “We had a dramatic increase in the number of the participating children especially after distributing “Kherna fi Deerna” Calendar 2017.

There were big numbers of children from Deir Al Balah Area who came and visited NAWA’s facilities for the first time and decided doggedly to take part in its activities. Many children expressed their happiness and content towards NAWA’s various and rich activities.