Nawa for Culture and Arts Association (NAWA) Organizes a Final Ceremony for 2017 Summer Activities

23 Aug

Nawa for Culture and Arts Association (NAWA) Organizes a Final Ceremony for 2017 Summer Activities 

Nawa for Culture and Arts Association (NAWA) has recently organized a final ceremony for 2017 summer activities. The ceremony took place at Al-Hakoora Playground where hundreds of children and tens of parents  have attended and enjoyed watching  the ceremony parts.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Ms. Ola Abu Zaid, the coordinator of Children’s Gate to the Future Project, welcomed the attendants expressing her pleasure with providing the children with recreational services, cultural activities, and educational courses. She also displayed her happiness for organizing such a final ceremony before the start of the school. She also appreciated the great role played by all NAWA’s staff led by the animators, and she valued the trustworthiness of the children’s parents which pushed the activities in all NAWA’s facilities into success. Such facilities include: NAWA’s main office located in Deir Al Balah Area, Al-Khidr Library for the children, and Al Bayyara and Al Hakoora Playgrounds.

The ceremony included several theatrical shows, performed by the children. Such shows include: “Naji Al-Ali Show”, “The Three Sisters Play,” Dabkah traditional dance, and NAWA’s Chorus.

NAWA made sure that various activities of the summer season should  combine between preserving the traditional heritage along with the national identity, and rooting the nationalistic values amongst the children. They also train them on innovation and creativity, and acquiring them with the new skills.

Salem Ghannam, the coordinator of Al-Bayyara and Al-Hakoora  playgrounds,  noted that the ceremony reflects the events and summer activities’ concentration on creativity aspects amongst children in different fields as children were given with recreational, artistic, cultural, and educational activities during the holy month of Ramadan and summer.

The parents expressed their great happiness for the children’s enrollment in the summer activities, especially with the various purposeful activity calendars distributed among the children, their parents, and others.

At the end, NAWA administration thanked the children wishing them success in their schools, and wishing to see them in NAWA’s coming activities.