NAWA Opens Training Course for Children Entitled “Graphic Design”

03 Mar


Nawa for Culture and Art Association (NAWA) opens a training course entitled: “Graphic Design” course for (16) children living at Deir Al Al-Balah   Area. The course comes under ” Children’s Gate to the Future (2): Empowering Vulnerable Children through Non-Formal Education ” project, implemented at NAWA Cultural Center, and is funded by Bread for the World and MADRE Association.

The twelve -hour-course, which takes place between 06 January and 20 January 2019, aims at teaching children how to design and draw art elements and how to decorate them.The project activities seek to empower the community of Deir Al-Balah where the creative potentials of the children are unfolded to solve the challenges within the community out of their own strengths through targeting (1500) children in three years.

Salem Awad, a senior animator and art trainer, stated, “This course aims at teaching the children the graphic design elements, how to draw using these elements, and how to paint the decorated shapes.”

In addition, the children expressed their happiness about their enrollment in this course. For example, Noor Yousuf, 9, said, “I was waiting the winter season eagerly to join the art courses at NAWA.”

The “Graphic Design” course comes as a part of the “Winter Season Activities 2019”, which is entitled “I am a Human”, named after the first   book in human rights for the children in Arabic. As well, all the activities of this calendar came to promote human rights in general and children’s rights in particular.


It is worth mentioning that the  project includes several activities, including cultural activities such as storytelling, free reading, art activities and activities, recreational activities, and capacity building activities for parents and educators to enable them to respond to the needs of the children.