Our Services

Psychosocial Support intervention

Since Gaza Strip suffers from continuous attacks by the Israeli occupation, the traumatized children of Gaza need to be involve in Psychosocial Support programs for rehabilitation. This intervention is based on Waldrof-steiner trauma pedagogy tools mixed with the rich Palestinian heritage. This support is useful in preventing future mental-health problems.


NCAA provides access to a library to encourage children to read, become critical thinkers, and develop self-learning skills. The library hopes to have a variety of resource to help center to different interests among children. It also reinforces the important role parents play in their children’s learning, especially as they nurture reading by their children. The NCAA plans to restore the Al-Khader monastery in Deir El Balah (1700 years old) and to rehabilitate it as children’s library in 2015.

Fine Arts Program

Created to help children and their families appreciate and understand the significance of fine arts in individuals and communities development. The program helps discover children’s talents, improve their artistic skills and enhance their knowledge of the arts.

Family Empowerment Program

Designed to support and encourage parent to take an active role in their children’s learning and development. The program encourage and integrates parents’ participation through activities and through the planning and establishment of parents’ club

Educators' Professional Development Program (EPDP)

Determined to contribute to a sustainable educational process that reinforces the role of the Palestinian culture in the future development of local communities, the EPDP program plans to introduce professional development training to educators o children. The training will help educators improve their planning and delivery of cultural and social activities and programs including storytelling, reading, drama and the production of puppet shows.
The EPDP aims to establish partnerships with international organization