Culture and Arts Program

– Cultural Interventions: Psychosocial Support for Traumatized Children in Deir Al-Balah:

The ongoing psychosocial support program has started after the last Israeli aggression in 2014 to represent the non-formal education targeting the traumatized children in Deir Al-Balah. These interventions are built on:

1) Waldorf Steiner education techniques in using healing arts, healing storytelling and healing physical movements, in a  well-planned and structured daily program to empower the self-healing process within the children and educators, 2) Using the Palestinian heritage and environment as a major source for children activities to support the children identity,

The first cultural intervention has been implemented in the period between (01/09/2014 – 30/09/2015). It was funded from (FWE) Friends of Waldorf Educations and La Voix De L’Enfant to support traumatized children through emergency pedagogy, educational methods and activities. The project components were: Trauma healing program using non-formal education , leadership empowerment and community contribution.

Two Psychosocial Support interventions were supported by Save the Children. Intervention (1) took place in the period of (August, 2015 till 30, October,2015)  and Intervention (2) took place in the period of ( March, 2016  till 3, May,2016) .
The project extended its implementation of  psychosocial support activities that aim to improve the well-being of traumatized children in Deir Al-Balah area through cultural and artistic program. Psychosocial support activities are based on using healing arts, healing storytelling and healing physical movements in a daily well planned program. NAWA received children twice a day who were rotated everyday into arts and environment, reading and storytelling, and physical movement corners. Community self-help program is a major part of psychosocial support program where the children participated once weekly to offer something for their communities. Also, open days were provided to children to do what they wanted to do such as trips, singing,..etc.

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 Support Children in Gaza in Education and Protection Project:

The one-year project was funded by Japan Platform through Save the Children Japan,  NAWA is an implementing partner who was responsible for project implementation in 2 schools, 4 KGs and 4 CBOs at Al Qarara, and Al Mogharaga communities. The beneficiaries were of children, teachers, counselors, and parents. The project ultimate goal is to promote the psychosocial well-being of vulnerable children in conflict-prone Gaza. The project has two components (protection and education) and two objectives of enhancing safe learning environments and strengthening resilience of communities against future humanitarian crises for children in Gaza. The project main activities are rehabilitating the facilities of schools, kindergartens and community centers through minor renovations , provision of equipment and teaching/learning materials, providing psychosocial support programs to alleviate children’s psychosocial stress caused by the conflict, developing the capacity of teachers and counselors , providing Psychological First Aid to children in such situations and conducting campaigns to raise the awareness of parents and caregivers on disaster management and the needed psychological support children during humanitarian crises.

12495258_630830677055419_2331287746052214880_n                       الياباني                            مشروع دعم وحماية أطفال غزة في قطاعي التعليم والحماية

– We Love Reading Project:

“We Love Reading” is a (6) months project (February-July,2016) which is supported by Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA). The project aims to promote the well being of the vulnerable children (4-15 years old) in Deir Al- Balah through using an array of reading and storytelling activities to children as a cultural tool for social change. The project provides storytelling performances to children and families as well as promotes reading among children through linking it with arts, drama and music. The project includes the following components:  Free reading hours ,offering musical and artistic activities, preparing stories & transforming it into performances, applying stories in drama ,library activities and reading club.

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– Play library Evry Palestine Project:

The two years project is supported by Evry Palestine from May 2015 to April 2017. NAWA is the reference partner and the operator for the Play Library at Youth Sports Club in  Khanyounis , serving the children of Khanyounis area (South of the Gaza Strip). The project serves around 200 children through reading and playing activities.

IMG_1018                       مشروع ايفري فلسطين                          مشروع ايفري فلسطين

– Children’s Gate to the future: Empowering Vulnerable Children through Non-Formal Education

The two years project (April, 2016- April, 2018) is supported from Bread for the World Protestant Development Service. Within the scope of the project, NAWA provides children (up to 15 years old ) with increased access to cultural, artistic, environmental and community self-help activities. In addition, the project aims to strengthen the capacity of parents and educators at Deir Al-Balah to respond to the needs of traumatized children.
The project main activities toward children are culture and reading activities, arts and handcrafts activities, environmental community self-help program and recreational activities.
The project main activities toward parents and educators are providing trainings and awareness sessions about children development and non-formal education.

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