Environemntal and Community Self-Help Program

– Development and Operation project of Al-Bayyara Park in Deir Al-Balah:

NAWA is involved in the establishment and development of the playground “Al-Bayara” on (1000) meter which is supported by Welfare Association. The project is (13) months which focuses on designing, establishing playground and offering cultural, artistic and community-self help activities to the children and their parents.

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– Recycling of Palm Fronds: Non-Formal Environmental Educational Program:

This project is supported by British Consulate (Jerusalem). It is a (4) months bilateral project of non-formal environmental educational program to educate the children and their parents about the reusing of palm fronds. The project (September-December, 2015) included many activities of recycling of palm fronds for children, parents, and community members, providing (120) children with cultural and artistic activities. In addition parents and community members had access to palm fronds recycling sessions, environment trips and environment awareness film shows for the children.

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