Renovation and Rehabilitation of Al-Khidr Monastery into a Children Library

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Vulnerable Children Empowerment Through Non-Formal Education Project:

The three years project (May,2016-April,2019) is supported from Drosos Foundation  to empower the vulnerable children (4-12 years old) and their parents, in Deir Al Balah city, through non-formal education & community self-help programs, offered at Al-Khadir library. It would be the first children library which provides the quality non-formal educational services (cultural, artistic, environmental and educational). The project is an example of preserving historical buildings and rehabilitating them for the benefit of the public. The project empowers children and young people through community self-help program at library neighborhood such as beautifying neighborhood and engaging them in the playground activities.
NAWA signed a legal agreement with the RIWAQ Centre/UNESCO in West Bank to restore the monastery. Also, NAWA succeeded to secure the needed funding to establish a well equipped library in Al Khadir library from Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA).

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