The Final event of “We Love Reading” Project

04 Aug

The final event  of  the “We Love Reading” project  took place on a beautiful evening at Al-Bayyara garden on July 21st., 2016.
The children, who had spent many hours in rehearsals, performed several shows for their parents and visitors from Al-Bayyara neighborhood.  More than 400 people,  children and families, attended the performance.
The final event included a lyrical show entitled “Moon, Please Wash Your Face” which was performed by children under 6 years old, followed by a performance of a popular story called (Hdidon and Ogress) out to song,  a lyrical performance of a group of traditional folk songs  and finally the children performed a shadow light theater of  The Pear Girl .
At the end of the final event, the children presented a range of handicraft gifts to the attendees in order to spread the message of the project which is to encourage the habit of reading in society to the largest possible number of people.