Under “Children’s Gate to the Future,” Nawa for Culture and Arts Association Organizes a Community Contribution for the Children in Deir El Balah

26 Aug
Under “Children’s Gate to the Future,”Nawa for Culture and Arts Association Organizes a Community Contribution for the Children in Deir El Balah

Nawa for Culture and Arts Association (NAWA) has recently organized a community contribution especially for the children residing in Deir El Balah Area. The contribution activities were held on sporadic days starting from July 11th, 2017 till August 01st, 2017.

The contribution aims at encouraging the children to provide environmental services for the surrounding community they are living in through voluntary work. Such contributions look forwards to empowering the children and motivating them to offer services for free in a positive manner that reflects the team work. It also aims at teaching the children and training them to best use the available waste materials.

The contribution targets (15) children in Deir Al Balah area in addition to a number of interested volunteers. At the beginning, Mohammad Abu Ouda, a senior animator, welcomed the participating children explaining for them the community contribution’s idea, its nature, and its significance. He also gave the children the space to suggest themselves the ideas and the activities of the contributions.

During the contribution activities, the children in cooperation with the animators and other volunteers, cleaned the street, painted the scrap cars, the rubber wheels, and they planted trees and flowers inside. They all made a wood wall from the recycled woods.

Mohammad Abu Ouda said, “The prophet Mohammad PBUH recommended that ‘The most beloved of the people to Allah are the most beneficial for the people.’ Therefore, it is our responsibility to root the value of the voluntary work in the children.”

At the end, Mr. Abu Ouda thanked all those who participated in the contribution wishing that such values and concepts to be enhanced and promoted more and more. It is worth mentioning that such a contribution comes among a series of community contributions that NAWA implements with the children inside Deir El Balah Area. Also, the participating children expressed their happiness for their enrollment in one of its kind contribution, and they asked for more contributions.